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Milersen is a risk consulting company offering knowledge and guidance to companies required to comply with global money laundering and financing of terrorism prevention legal regime. We shield you from potential harmful threats by criminals seeking to infiltrate your company and facilitate their illicit activities.

Industries we have served
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We understand the financial and time-consuming demands that business and compliance represent for companies striving to remain competitive. Our knowledge and experience assists companies to positively view their own impact in the business world once they identify and mitigate their own risks. These risks, if not identified and managed properly, could harm their business along many fronts. When we guide you along key areas on how to comply with local and international money laundering and financing of terrorism prevention standards and laws, we shield you from potential harmful business threats.

Countries we have served

Due to our culturally diverse clients, our team of multilingual consultants understands and enjoys working with international businesses. We are sensitive to the culturally diverse mindsets and business protocols and are therefore able to manage any challenges of doing business in the global community. 

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