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Competitive companies assess and identify every possible internal and external risk involving their business. Our risk mitigation capacity enables you and your company to anticipate the possible occurrence of potential difficulties and prevent foreseeable occurrences from happening. Our company works globally and our team is multi-lingual.

Risk Assessments

Identifying the risks involved enables companies to adequately and efficiently manage risk-based priorities. If you are a remittance company, a gold exporter/importer, gold dealer, a real estate agent, a bank or any company that exports goods there is risk in every part of your business process. A proper and thorough risk assessment analyzes all possible risks and develops policies and procedures to mitigate them. 

Risk Assessment.png

Every risk identified needs to be measured. What would be the probability of this risk occurring in your business process, what would be the impact on your business and how much risk is your company willing to take? All of these questions should be asked and addresses among the members of your Board of Directors and be documented in a risk matrix.

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